London - Zurich Asset management bonuses


At all levels of seniority, Zurich compares more favourably than London


The pay gap is especially surprising at junior Analyst level with a 41% differential, thereafter narrowing down to 8% and 7% at VP and MD levels respectively.

Zurich base salaries far outperform London

As much as 50% higher in Zurich at Associate level and 27% for top executives, it's more an abyss than a gap. So if you are weighing up the options, Zurich as a junior banker definitely seems the most rewarding bet.

... But if it's a bonus you are after, think again!

At VP level, bonuses are 50% higher in London and still 36% higher when professionals reach Director level. So while Zurich has a safer and more reliable pay structure, if you trust in your performance, go and find better rewards in London!


 London Zurich 
  Base Salary Bonus Base Salary Bonus
Analyst $61,000 $3,000 $104,000 $5,000
Associate $80,000 $11,000 $120,000 $13,000
VP $125,000 $42,000 $153,000 $27,000
Fund Manager $161,000 $88,000 $160,000 $28,000
Director $169,000 $100,000 $210,000 $64,000
MD $257,000 $297,000 $328,000 $263,000



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