Human Resources Consulting Services

Our team of experienced consultants can support you with the following


Payroll Services

This service offers great flexibility for small to medium-sized organisations all over Switzerland. You can handover your payroll and meet your employerstatutory obligations with ease. We will send you electronic payslips or payslips together with relevant management reports. Our team of qualified payroll specialists will work with you from the set up to the termination of employment, dealing with the issues related to social security, taxation and legal matters, specific to relevant authorities in each canton.

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Outplacement and career transition

At UR capital we work with individuals and organisations to offer tailor-made services.

As an individual, we will help you to succeed in your career transition. UR Capital provides you with personalized support and career-building technics. We use the most recent and effective technology to source opportunities, create an attracting social media profile that capture attention, a cv that is not filtered by softwares and train you for interviews. We also can put you in touch with decision makers. To make you a very efficient job seeker.

We also team-up with corporate clients facing unforeseen re-organisation, to facilitate the transition of their team. Our approach supports professionals with a pragmatic methodology aligned with values, skills and professional experience, generational preferences and interests.

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Salary and Compensation Benchmark

Employees retention is a key element to insure success of an organization. A well-thought out salary strategy is one of the key criteria leading to low staff retention. Embracing technological transformation, we can offer you a ground- breaking methodology using big data, to address the Compensation and Benefits issues your organization may face. Thanks to our partnership with the start-up “Emolument” in London combined with our industry insights, you will be able to assess if your compensation strategy is competitive.

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UR capital provides both individuals and team coaching.

Helping individuals identify and articulate their personal vision and guiding them on the path to achieving what can sometimes even be hidden dreams.

Supporting executives and teams to instill an authentic and positive company culture, improve client satisfaction and increase employee retention, which ultimately improves company performances. Last, but not least we nurture and develop leadership.

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Conflict Management and Mediation

Mediation is a conflict resolution process in which a neutral mediator assists the parties (employer or employees) through constructive discussion and negotiation of their issues aiming to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Mediation is becoming a more reliable and affordable option to consider before legal action.

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Employees Satisfaction Surveys

We assist our clients in measuring their employee’ satisfaction thanks to our qualitative tool and methodology: the employee’s fulfilment barometer. Based on topics such as compensation, workload, perceptions of management, flexibility, teamwork, resources, we design tailor-made surveys serving employers to keep their talent motivated and efficient.  

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Talent and Personality Evaluation

We are Certified Practitioner of MBTI® (Meyers Briggs Type Indicator®)

For over 70 years it has been the most trusted & widely used personality assessment in the world that has helped millions of people gain insights about themselves and how they interact with others. For our individual clients, it provides a powerful framework for building better relationships, driving positive change, harnessing innovation, and achieving excellence. It is a first step to further in-depth coaching and career transition sessions. 

For our corporate clients, MBTI is a great management tool to benchmark existing team members or potential new joiners. The benefits is to reduce the risk when hiring someone and helping you identifing talents and making sure they blowsome in their job. The test highlights aspects of the personality, measuring personality dimensions such as reliability, conscientiousness, adjustment, trustworthiness, and sociability. 

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Team Building

Our goal is to enhance efficiency within a team and deliver impactful value added content. We deliberately work with small teams of executives to offer tailor-made solutions. Through activities and exercise occurring in the mountains we support teams in developing their cohesion, their leadership together in a collaborative way toward the same goal, the same direction: the summit. Take the team to new heights with us.

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I approached UR Capital because they were referred to us from a third party. Anicet Tanghe helped me by working closely with me to identify the future needs we had for our newly created family office. Their approach is extremely professional and efficient. UR Capital found us several key persons for our organisation. The added value brought by UR Capital is tangible thanks to their technical knowledge and experience to manage the most sophisticated needs. I would recommend Anicet Tanghe of UR Capital to people who need help with staffing and structuring their family office.

- Head of Family Office

London UK

I was head-hunted by UR Capital for a Chief Operating Officer role for a start-up company in London, and have been more than satisfied with the quality of service they deliver. I was generally impressed by the promptness of the recruitment process. The firm did a good job of guiding me through it and I have been pleasantly surprised with their follow-through.

- Fabrizio Parzanese

COO and Marketing Officer, Minilab Studios, London

Nous sommes très heureux d’accueillir notre nouveau directeur administratif et financier dans notre groupe familial et de pouvoir bénéficier de sa riche expérience Franco-Suisse, notamment en tant que Directeur Financier d’une Entreprise à taille humaine. Nous avons été aidé dans notre choix et sélection par le cabinet UR Capital basé à Genève. Au-delà de l’aspect technique du cahier des charges ils ont très vite appréhendé les enjeux stratégiques et spécifiques d’un recrutement pour une société familiale, étant notamment spécialisé dans le recrutement pour les « family offices » et les entreprises familiales Européennes de renom.

- Renaud Blanc

PDG de HBG Holding, Geneva